Oct 14, 2011


iPhone 4s, iOS5 and iCloud are just scintillating.

The launch was done at the right timing cleverly thought and well-planned. It’s meant to serve different types of groups. Here’s how it is being segment to cater to different groups of people.

iPhone 4s – These are for the groups who are not yet on the iPhone bandwagon. With the launch of iPhone 4s packed with its new and improved features, it will entice new users to get the iphone 4s. Sort of giving them a push to go get the damn iPhone 4s, right now! – Where iPhone 4s is at its best.

iOS5 – Is developed for the loyal and current groups of iPhone 4. It gives new life to the iPhone 4 users without even have to purchase any new hardware or upgrades. And yet it has new features for current users to play with – interesting isn’t it.

iCloud – This is for everyone – cloud 9, it can’t get any higher than this. Now with this new term going around, everyone is familiar with ‘cloud this and cloud that’ - apple has decided to join in and move in the same cloud. So that apple users is not left behind the clouds. It’s in fact a storage that is kept somewhere that you are not able to touch - only can see.

And finally, we are all anticipating on the new upcoming of the iPhone 5, which will bring new hardware design and packed with exciting features. Something to look out in 2012!

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