Jan 28, 2011

Used Panasonic Lumix FZ35

Panasonic Lumix FZ35. Its known as a semi-pro or prosumer digital camera.

I bought a used FZ35 in Jan 2011. Its about a year old camera. The main purpose for me to get this camera, was for my travelling photo-shoot and for online publishing. The Lumix FZ35, first has to meet some of my basic criteria - i want to have a point and shoot camera - it has to be light to carry around for travelling and has at least somewhat near pro-features that can take a picture with good qualities and effects.

In fact, I have been looking around for camera for the last few month before i chose the Lumix FZ35. For a start, I decided to go for a used camera, instead of a new one, because I wanted to learn the basic of handling a semi-pro camera first, before I really jump into a full-pledge DSLR, as a DSLR is way too expensive for me as a starter. I will need a progressive transition camera that can bridge from semi-pro to professional. And Lumix FZ35 suits me well. As photography, takes some passion and time to learn and experience.

I like the features that is in this Lumix FZ35 - it has all the functions that i needed such as the zoom and macro shots. The functions that i have used are the Aperture range, Shutter speed and P-mode settings. All this has worked fine. Another, good thing is, it also records movie, which i like to have, in a camera. All this function has definitely help me in my travelling photo-shoot and my online publishing work.

I have used this camera for about one month now. It has been very handy for me to bring it around. And so far it has meet my basic expectation of functions that i needed. I'm yet to take it to the next level and explore more of its capability. And at the same time it gives me the chance to learn and experience the art of photograhy.

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