Feb 4, 2011

Managing your tasks in a simple way

Managing and organizing tasks are never an easy things to do for some people, especially when there are huge tasks to complete.

Do you ever get confuse with too many tasks to do? Sorting out what is important and what to prioritise - to differentiate between urgent and important. It gets even complicated when your mind is rambling and not focusing. It gets harder and harder to keep up with all these tasks.

Tips: Google for “important and urgent matrix or quadrant” you will find helpful guide in sorting out what is Important and Urgent.

And fret not! - There are ways in overcoming such situation.  Many experts have advised by writing down and listing down all tasks and organized it, will help. This is in fact, true and a good start to follow. Some people may find this way is too, time-consuming to do and some may find it difficult to even list it down all of these tasks.

Actually, if you really take the time to pen it down it really does help. You will be visually and mentally aware of how much tasks you can tackle, one-by-one, on a piece of paper. This will ease what has confused you in your mind, which are rambling the thoughts, and the loads of things to do, all running in your mind in chaos.

Most of the times people let themselves go into an auto-pilot. You need to take charge and control your mind. Asking questions and to pause to think through. There are many ways in managing tasks, and by writing down and listing it is the most effective way to do, but yet the hardest to do for some.

Tackle things one at a time, this is the most efficient way to do and follow through. You will feel the excitement of accomplishment the minute you completed one task, and this will eagerly, tempted you to complete the next task with the sense of able to complete it too.

The minds can be easily distracted if you let it. But, take control of it don’t let it control you. If the mind tends to sway let it be, but, you must control it back and focus again.

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