Apr 1, 2011

iPad 2 – Why should I own it?

Firstly, the iPad 2 has definitely improved some of the features like, speed, face-time, and it is portability lighter.

To me, speed and portability matters most, as I do travel from time to time. And when I’m on the road I can do my journal on the iPad 2. This helps me collates my entire writings, pictures and ideas in a multimedia journal.

Unlike a laptop, the boot-time for iPad 2 is much faster. I can instantly start any application quickly. And now with the many apple applications, there’s no limit to what I can do with the ipad 2.
In fact, the creativity is in me and not the iPad 2 - the iPad 2 is just a platform, waiting for my creativity to be put out to play. Apple has really set the path and facilitate in enhancing human’s imagination and creativity. The iPad 2 is more than just a laptop or even tablet-PC. It’s no longer just a device to facilitate your work, but it goes beyond in facilitating your creativity in your work and play life.
With all these features, it now gives me more than just a reason to own the iPad 2. Some people may have different views on the iPad 2. Sometimes, as human we want to have the best from everything, but the best is actually in all of us, and not in everything.
And creativity has no boundaries.

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