May 4, 2011

Why Gratitude?

Yes, gratitude. Gratitude give happiness. Learn to express. There are many small events that happens all around you that you can gratitude to.

Have you ever thought of it? every morning you wake up and start your day to breathe the air and feeling alive today.

Gratitude is a powerful feeling that can make anyone feel great. At anytime and anywhere. There are many ways you can feel gratitude to, try it! and you too will feel your day easier and your heart will feel the happiness.

Some people find their small gratitude through their daily morning cuppa - feeling of goodness. Not many people has this simple treats daily.

Most people are always in a rush in the morning and had to skip breakfast. All you think about is your daily tasks and the never ending to-do lists. Take a few moment to stop, to feel, and to breathe. You will feel great to move on again.

Look at  how every second and every minute just slip by so quickly. Feel the gratitude in the air that we breathe and the health we have today. Smile to the people around you. And soon they too will smile along with you. The day will be kind to you.

I created a nice website called H.O.G (Hall Of Gratitude) here you can pen down your gratitude to anyone and to anything you like. Its amazing what people have written there. Even if they did not know the person, they just pen it down and express their big thank for making their lives a lot better. These are just the sweetest place, for them to do just that. And feeling great. Whom ever that stranger or person you say thank to might just read this nice appreciative words of yours someday - who knows.

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