Jan 1, 2013

The journey to sexy healthy body

The four main factors to take care of - before you reach to sexy healthy body. These four are your secrets to success in achieving that sexy healthy body. Take care of these four main factor and you succeed.

1. TheWorkout in the Gym
2. The Food Nutritions
3. The Supplements
4. The Good Rest

Yes. Just these four - remember your body grow and form into shape during your good rest and not in the gym.

Take care of what you eat - as much as you want try to eat as close to natural as possible. Avoid high calories food with low in nutrients. Watch your carbs and fats intake go for complex carbs and the good fats. Protein is a must for your daily intake to grow and shape your sexy lean muscle.

Stay focus and discipline and the victory is yours to keep for life!!

Good luck in your journey in this year 2013!!!

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